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The Full Story

Bikers Are Human

Bikers Are Human Documenting Sessions. 

with Professional Photography & Videography

with Kathryn Anne



As an observer I saw a disconnect within the biker community. I saw an extreme disconnect in society with bikers. I felt emotionally connected because I empathize  the emotions that come into not being heard, or being misunderstood. I decided to start small projects to help in the biker community; this is not a small project. It is a life project. 

I ended up creating Bikers Are Human with my own imagination, and with this thought process involved.... Seeing the humanity in everyone. Maybe, helping stop the judgments. I am amazing at talking to people, extremely humbled, smart,  and a powerhouse of a female. I putting my own heart into this. Bikers have full control over their own dialogue. They get to see what I do before I post it. 

The sessions themselves are very involved. I am with the biker getting to know them on a human level. These sessions are not about your club, RA, or anything. If you want to talk about that, it is you, but you have to get permission first from your heads. Everything needs to be through a special approval process. I have things in place to protect the biker, and myself. I want to make sure these are done correctly. I am being mentored by two brothers that have been in the life for years. I am honored for them to help me and mentor me.

 Media has done horrific job not caring for  bikers, and misrepresenting them. You see it every day in articles, and docu series. It is time for that to stop. 

I am here to do the humanity part. My goal is involve art museums and artists in the biker world to assist with these. I want to bring these to society, and be able to have that tough conversation with ALL people on humans. 

To Society:

"Why do you judge?"

"Why are you not seeing bikers on the roads?"

"Why do you not get out of your car when you accidentally, or purposely hit a biker?"

"What makes us human?"

"How can we educate society on biker life?"

To Bikers:

 "What makes you have life?"

"What does family mean to you?"

"What was some of the hardest life lessons you had to learn in life?"

"What advice can you give to society about bikers?"

              I am determined to ask good and strong questions for my bikers. I want you to think about your life. I am not one for small talk, and I get right to the point. It isn't easy as an amiable person, but a driver personality...

I pray this makes a difference.


The vision is to travel around the United States professional documenting bikers. Using my gifts for communication, empathy, photography, and recording  to assist with bridging the conversation within the biker community and beyond.


* The sessions are really involved, and many hours are placed into each biker. It is a trust

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