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 Bikers Are Human Photography

& Stories with Real Bikers Projects

with Kathryn Anne 


We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite

Bikers Are Human is a project from We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite A Biker Society

         Kathryn Anne is the professional photographer of the project. The medians we use are video, photography from DSLR professional cameras/professional to cell phone photography.

            Involved is a deep conversation between biker and Kathryn. The sessions can be up to 30 minutes to two hours. Sometimes the biker and Kathryn will communicate together throughout this time. It is important to build a relationship with each biker for trust, and as well as long term. These projects are not just one way, or exact sessions each time. Things move around depending on the biker, and session. Some bikers may need more time with Kathryn. Some bikers may only need a few moments. 

    Kathryn may walk up to a random biker to have a conversation. And agreement is made between biker and Kathryn. These are meant to make a difference in the biker community,but also build a friendship between the Kathryn and biker. 

   Bikers have expressed a few things that these will help with: Biker Stigmas, Biker Profiling, Bikers not being seen by cages, biker and society viewpoints, and beyond. 

    Kathryn is extremely excited to be doing these sessions. Dialogue can start anytime, and is meant to do good for the community. 

The Photography/Video sessions are free and the bikers get the professional photographs edited. The biker is giving me permission for me to use these professional photos with We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite. If the biker is far away, I do ask for the bikers to get a group together, and help pay for some of my travel. 

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