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Why Humanity with Bikers?

          The question we have been asked a lot! "Why bikers?" & "Why humanity with bikers?"

        * Bikers are the biggest demographic in society that branches from all walks of life with race, income, geography, and beyond. 

* They are the ones that come into society to help the local community. Yes, the leather wearing bikers (even none leathers) come in and help do charity work for the community. They also help with first responding in national disasters. It is pretty inspiring what bikers do. We love to help them and be that bridge to walk beside them as they help. 

* Bikers have inspired Kathryn Anne and Amelia Edwards to do better. Listening to bikers we realized this was a need that was needed beyond the corporation. The humanity aspect for us to make a difference. We created an umbrella organization for the entire biker community to walk beside them, have empathy, humble ourselves, and do the right thing for this amazing diverse community.  

  Many more reasons on the "why"?


Making A Difference In A Human Way

         "Humanity"    We hear people talk about it and a lot of talking, but little "doing". It isn't supposed to be a large "doing".  We have small things that can make a difference in the community. The first thing is a simple "hello". What if we want to go beyond. We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite team believes in seeds. We place different things to make people find empathy, think differently, and make a difference. It is all about the connection. That is how we will bring humanity back to our local communities and help the biker community. Here we are doing professional photography, and talking about the human aspect of life for the biker community.  Do small things...they make a big difference.
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