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The Biker

     The Biker is the individual that includes many attributes that include liberties, having strong family values, being a wind hero, unique personalities, creative beings, lover of huge two/three wheel machines, and so much more. They live by codes called "Biker Codes".  They are so much more than just that.  They are human.

    Kathryn Anne will be interviewing, and capturing bikers. This will include all bikers, and all walks of life in the biker community.

      Kathryn Anne will be asking, and listening to answers of real life questions with the bikers. "What makes you "you" behind the Kutte/Cut, behind the helmet, and leather?". 

      This project will always be a neutral project for ALL bikers. She will repeat those words forever. We are here to support all of YOU; not one over the other. We Support ALL GROUPS, ALL RIDERS,  ALL COLORS, ALL MANUFACTURES, and beyond. Any questions please email at

   * We are hoping to help educate the public as well. Assist bikers in wrong perceptions, and assumptions placed on by society. The proper way of doing things. Kathryn has been blessed a sound, dedicated brother as a mentor. This is a team effort. 

           * We will have segments about bikers that have passed on. We are here to help tell the stories of who they were as humans, and respect them as they ride off into afterlife.  This is a extremely serious topic, and will be done in the utmost care.

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